Who We Are

First Baptist Church is one of the oldest congregations in Morristown.  The congregation meets in the lovely brownstone Victorian building opposite the Morris County Court House on Washington Street, which is one block west of the Green.  The present building was constructed in 1892, but the rich heritage of First Baptist Church extends back to 1752 when the congregation was first organized.

First Baptist Church is an ecumenical gathering of people who desire to worship in the free church tradition.  Currently, the congregation numbers just over 100 people, yet our small size has not stopped us from becoming one of the most active congregations in Morristown, in the area of community service.  Building on over two centuries of community service, our participation has included:  significant involvements with the spiritual and other needs of the revolutionary war soldiers; assistance in the development of the Social Gospel movement of the early part of the 20th century, which helped redirect a good part of American Protestantism; sponsorship of families displaced by World War II from Europe in their attempt to build a new life in America; and most recently, the creation of a community center ministry.