churchsignIn May 2000, we experienced a devastating fire which destroyed the entire interior of the building. There was difficulty with the builder so that progress was halted for many months. This aggravated the stress in decision making, etc. Being a small congregation, the decision to rebuild or disband was a major turning point with little consideration being given to the latter.

Fortunately, the outer stone structure and tower were not destroyed. For over 3 years, we had worked toward the return to our church building, in which we rested most of the chu ch to its original look. The Building Committee, with the cooperation of the insurance company, did ot skimp on cost because they believed we owed it to the people in the area to maintain the hist ric construction quality. Consequently, the slate roof was replaced with true slate, the stained glass windows were of the closest quality possible to match the originals, etc. We were also able to make s me additions and upgrade the facility.

Anniversaries have made for our major celebrations. The 1S0th, 200th, and 225th years' celebrations stretched over several days. The 100th anniversary of the present church building was also celebrated as the 240th anniversary of the congregation. In 2002 we celebrated our 250th anniversary of the congregation.